UKLED also bespoke manufactures lighting products for many different companies.

UKLED also bespoke manufactures lighting products for many different companies, we have the whole facility from start to finish available for your project from design through manufacture to delivery and roll out.

Our facilities:

1. Design including lighting designs and prototyping for any lighting projects.
2. State of the art production facilities wholely owned both in the uk and china benifiting from fast logistics and the most up to date technology avaialible on the market
3. Installation teams for roll outs or one off installs of any of our products through our own in house specialists with the taurus global group.
4. All types of testing is also done from our production facilities so any of the products is ready to be certified by any lab.

The Lighthouse
Riverbank Road
CH62 3JQ
United Kingdom
Tel:01978 800 355
Email: info@ukled-ltd.co.uk

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