Toshiba Medical Systems UK

Toshiba Medical Systems UK designs and supplies medical equipment – including X-Ray machines,
MRI scanners and ultrasound scanners— to hospitals around the UK.
UKLED carried out a lighting audit of Toshiba Medical System’s (TMS) premises.
TMS had already made steps towards reducing their lighting energy usage by installing T5 fluorescent tubes, but they stood to make further savings by switching to LED.
The audit also identified that the number of fittings could be reduced; an opportunity to cut energy consumption further still without having a detrimental impact on the quality of light.
UKLED recommended replacing the fluorescent T5 tubes with UKLED high brightness 45 watt 600 x 600 panels, as well as reducing the number of fittings.
To maintain visual consistency, we also advised replacing the existing fluorescent PL “Plug In” lamps with UKLED 14 watt round panels.
TMS decided to proceed with UKLED’s recommended replacements. Despite the removal of a number of fittings, the installation of the panel lamps increased the level of light.
As well as reducing energy costs, the panels’ long life slashed maintenance and disposal costs.
The re-lamping project reduce Toshiba Medical System’s lighting energy usage by nearly 50%.

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