UKLED has a comprehensive knowledge of the developing LED lighting sector, which is estimated to occupy 70% of the industry by 2020.

Offering creative solutions

UKLED has a comprehensive knowledge of the developing LED lighting sector, which is estimated to occupy 70% of the industry by 2020.
This understanding allows us to offer creative solutions to our clients, guiding them through the complex processof analysing and evaluating their current lighting systems and then designing and installing the new bespoke system which is tailored to their needs.
Manufacturing our own goods both in China and the UK
UKLED designs, manufactures, supplies and installs technologically advanced, energy efficient, LED lighting products. This keeps costs down as we have total control of the design and manufacturing processes. Since we have our own manufacturing units, both in China and in the UK, our supply chain is slick, speedy and efficient.
We do not have to depend on an external manufacturer to supply us with products. Installation by our own fully trained and qualified staff means that you do not have to endure long waiting times for your project to be completed. Adding intelligent controls to programme the lights, not only results in further savings but allows you to detect movement and analyse space utilisation.
Driving costs down and profits up
UKLED re-lamps business and industry, driving down costs and driving up operating profits. Diminishing light levels from conventional lamps can cause visibility and safety problems yet the consumption of energy remains the same. Replacing your existing lamps with our own brand, high specification lamps and tubes, which are designed as direct replacements for your existing products, is the perfect solution.
Brightening lives
UKLED brightens the lives of staff and customers, creating a comfortable, productive, commercial space. Your employees need to fulfil their job responsibilities to a high standard. To do this they need the optimum amount of quality light. Poor visibility is, at best irritating, and at worst dangerous, causing eye strain and accidents. LEDs can deliver natural, daylight conditions, warm light and bright light so different from the cold glare of fluorescents.
The improved quality results in healthier, happier, less stressed workers while mood creating light produces that special ambience so important for your customers. In retail spaces, for example, accented light can enhance the visual appeal of products as well as the shopping experience for customers.

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