UKLED re-lamps business and industry, driving down costs and driving up operating profits. Replacing your existing lamps with our own brand, high specification ones is the perfect solution. 

Business benefits 

Reduction in energy costs 
Reduction in maintenance costs 
Reduction of carbon footprint 
Better visibility 
Safer, more productive environment 
Employee well-being 
The UKLED end-to-end managed solution to re-lamping. 

Step 1 : Lighting Audit and Report 

Following a lighting audit, we compile a report which analyses and evaluates your current lighting system including your: 
current energy usage 
carbon footprint 
maintenance costs 
total financial costs 
ongoing flexibility and adaptation 
and finally goes to explain the cost of re-lamping using LED lamps and tubes. 
Re-lamping will ultimately result in significant energy and cost savings but there’s no denying that there is considerable initial capital expenditure involved. 

Step 2 : Fund your Capex 

You can apply to fund your re-lamping project through the Carbon Trust. (Link to page here) Loans are available for organisations throughout the UK who wish to finance energy efficient projects. In Wales and Northern Ireland, loans of £3,000 – £200,000 are interest free. 
However we remove any concerns you may have about the time and effort involved in the application, by managing the whole process for you. 

We make it easy to move 

FROM: a traditional, high cost, high maintenance, high carbon emission lighting system 
TO: a low cost, low maintenance and eco-friendly installation 

Step 3 : Installation 

Before any installation take place, we conduct a thorough technical survey of the site. This allows us to determine whether your project has any specific requirements such as powered access or specialised Personal Protective Equipment. We then undertake focussed conversations with you to ensure that we understand all your requirements and that you are satisfied with our answers to all your questions. 
After your order is placed with us, we slot your project into our working schedule. Normally installations take place 2-6 weeks after the initial order, though obviously there are exceptions to this, depending on particular circumstances. We are very flexible in our approach to timing your project so that, for example, we can timetable your installation during holidays, week-ends or outside normal working hours. Installations usually take between a week and a month, depending on the size of the project. 
Installation takes place using our own experienced and fully qualified electricians. After they check and clean each fixture they repair or replace any damaged fixtures. Normally there is no need to change existing wiring or serviceable fittings which makes the process easy, speedy and effectual. 
After completion of the project, our lead engineer takes you on a site tour to ensure your full satisfaction before we leave your premises. During the installation, all lighting, which has been removed, is stored in special containers provided by the Environment Agency. Then once the job is completed, we dispose of them according to approved procedures for hazardous waste products. 

Step 4: Maintenance 

Once installed, individual products are guaranteed for between two and five years. 
Following installation you have a 90 day period where, in the unlikely event of any problems occurring, our engineers investigate and address any issues completely free of charge. 
All our products have a warranty which varies between two and five years. For one year following the 90 day period, if a lamp fails, then we immediately dispatch a new one to you, by courier, at no charge. However you pay the cost of removing the bulb and installing the replacement. After that year you are then responsible for the costs of replacement bulbs and maintenance. 
If you wish to protect yourself from maintenance costs for one year from the completion date of your re-lamping programme, then you can take advantage of our maintenance contract. If, during that time, you experience any problems then we allocate one of our engineers to explore the issue, carry out repairs and install replacement units, if required, at no cost to you. 
See our Benefits and Cost reduction section (Link) 
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